Robotics Training

The future of science belongs to Robotics. Everything in the world is being robotized. Routine manual tasks are performed by robots.


Robotics is defined as field of computer science and engineering which deals with Design and construction and operations, The Robotics is related to others fields such as character animation, machine design, cognitive science, bio mathematics, sub divisions as android science, artificial intelligence, Nano robotics and robotics surgery, Studying Robotics students will prepare specialists in competencies such as technology, design and programming installing Machinery Equipments.

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IonTach Has various method of root Teaching, it will be explained with suitable examples for that analysis will be conducted and the robotics will be classified based on certain criteria, work space & analysis of the manipulators will be carried out in regular access.

The Students excel with their syllabus. The Students are taken for (WRO) World Robotics Olympiad Competition.

Build and Showcase Your Child’s Talent

Progressive Learning

Gradual learning for beginners to
have an idea in-depth understanding
on robotics.


Modules designed to trigger an
innate creativity and innovation
in a child.

Social Values

Focus, team work. communication,
time management, and
organizational skills.