Music Classes

We create singers of the modern era. Music is a universal language. Our culture has its own sounds, instruments, and musical history.

why is music
So important

Most young school-age children are intrigued by kids’ singalong songs that involve counting, spelling, or remembering a sequence of events. School-age children begin expressing their likes and dislikes of different types of music. They may express an interest in music education, such as music lessons for kids.

Music Classes

Music is a universal language. Our culture has its own sounds, instruments, and musical history, participating in our own musical culture can be one of the most satisfying and enjoyable experiences we can provide our Kids. We create singers of the modern era.

Students need not mandatorily have any musical knowledge in order to take up this course apart from an interest to learn music.

Our Instrumental Classes


The mix of music and technology makes keyboard learning very interesting. The academy offers a well-structured learning program on how to play keyboard, clubbed with performance opportunities at regular intervals. The students who learn keyboard, explore a wide range of music styles like rock, jazz, pop, funk, etc.


When you learn guitar, you’ll play some great music that ranges widely from classical to contemporary. Its great fun to use the backing tracks. The syllabus for exams are carefully chosen songs that improves the technical aspects of playing, and build your skills as you progress through the grades.


The study of violin at the academy develops skilled performers who are passionate about the instrument. It enables the student to accomplish a high level of proficiency and master then required technical approach on how to learn violin is handled by a well-qualifies teacher with many years of experience


The veena is India’s national instrument. It is the oldest and most authentic of all Indian instruments. This instrument allows all the delicate quarter tones and the subtle nuances to be played with accuracy. playing the harp, a form of Veena.