Multi Lingual Hub

Our classes focus on individual needs within a very small class setting and we provide all the learning materials needed.


Multi lingual hub

India is a multilingual country, with 22 constitutionally recognized languages and 11 scripts, In this diverse society we learn multiple languages, Multilingual skills are developed at IonTach academy. The Language Hub offers classes for French, Hindi, Arabic and Sanskrit for all Class students.

Our classes are highly interactive and children are encouraged to participate using their Native language. This is achieved through ensuring child is learning while also having fun.

Languages We Teach


Benefits Of Multi Lingual Hub


Bigger Brain Density

Brain scan reveal that kids can learn a second language before the age of five have greater density in brain areas associated with language processing.

Better Mental Capacity & Health

Speaking two or more languages helps kids to filter irrelevant information, helps in problem solving switching between tasks.

Enhanced Language Skills

Bilingual kids have a larger vocabulary and are able to say things in many different ways. Learning an another language in the future more rabidly than others.

Helps Socializing

The languages your kid learns, enables him/her ti meet different people besides from the local community. This gives them the opportunity to understand others.

Excel in Vocabulary

Tests to show that young children that speak more than one language may have a lack of vocabulary when tested in one language.

New Perspectives of Other Cultures

When kids learn another language they also learn about a different culture, broadening their perspectives and analytical skills.