Multi Lingual Hub

Our classes focus on individual needs within a very small class setting and we provide all the learning materials needed.


Multi lingual hub

India is a multilingual country, with 22 constitutionally recognized languages and 11 scripts, In this diverse society we learn multiple languages, Multilingual skills are developed at IonTach academy. The Language Hub offers classes for French, Hindi, Arabic and Sanskrit for all Class students.

Our classes are highly interactive and children are encouraged to participate using their Native language. This is achieved through ensuring child is learning while also having fun.

Languages We Teach


Apprends le français

Learn French

French is the official language of more than 25 countries in the world, it is one of the European languages which is also known as the ‘Language of Romance’. French language has almost 200 million speakers. It is both the official and working language of the United Nations, UNESCO, EU. French language is an easy and fun to learn.


  • International job opportunities.

  • Helps in learning other European languages easily like Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

  • Opportunity to study in top universities of France, Canada.

जानें हिंदी

Learn  Hindi


Hindi is 4th most spoken language of the world with around 260 million speakers. It is one of the most important languages of South-east Asia. Hindi is very similar to Urdu so, learning can help you automatically to learn one more language. Hindi is easy to learn as it is a phonetic language. The pronunciation of Hindi words is the same as their written down.

Benefits of Learning Hindi

  • Learn Hindi vocabulary

  • Gain good command over Hindi pronunciations

  • Ace all Hindi competitive exams (Dakshin Bharath Prachar Prachar Sabha exams)

تعلم اللغة العربية

Learn Arabic

Arabic is the 5th most spoken language with approximately 300 million speakers across the globe. Arabic is the official language of more than 20 countries. The impact of learning Arabic language is similar to that of learning a musical instrument. Choosing Arabic language in childhood will help in understanding the grammar, written Arabic which is important to have a command over conversational Arabic.

Benefits of learning Arabic language

  • Open the job opportunities in middle-east and Arab world.

  • Learning Arabic offers great economic benefits considering the fact that they are extremely rich.

  • Great career opportunities especially for Indians as language translator or in other sectors like IT, finance, travel and tourism.

  • You will get a chance to understand the Arab culture through its literature, film, and music.