Mr. Samsudeen Sathik Batcha

CEO & Founder

A Message From

Our Founder

Every child deserves an excellent education. If you believe that a person’s intellectual capacity is racially, ethnically, or culturally predetermined, you are totally immoral. If you don’t believe it, then you can’t be in favour of a program that quietly accepts some institution will be better than others and seeks equity by balancing access instead of raising quality. If you believe that everyone has the potential for greatness, then you must also want to ensure that every child is nurtured to achieve that greatness. That’s our aim to give quality education not only for metropolitans, moving into our heart of India – Rural communities.

We Need Equity In Education

IonTach, it’s a kind of institution will take a smart step towards to create a better generation, who can competitive in this modernized society, they will learn the human values, life ethics and know their Future Roles in Society.

We will take a smart step towards to create a better generation