Iontach E-Learning Platform

Iontach e-Learning Platform has brought about a wave of change in the way student performance is evaluated

7 Principles of Personalized Learning


Choice and Voice

Students are express their learning styles and preferences as learners in the lesson.

Varied Strategies

Students are given more than one way or modality to learn the material or access content.

Flexible Pacing

Students move through the curriculam at a pace that fits their individual abilities and allows for mastery of learning rather than a time-bound learning schedule.

Just-in-time Direct Instruction

Direct instruction is available to students when it is needed regardless of the availability of an in-person teacher.

Co-Planning Learning

Students, parents and community are involved in planning and setting goals,

Mastery Based Assessment

The students drive the curriculum rather than the curriculum driving the students. Assessments are guided by proficiency and competency.

Choice for Demonstrating Learning

Students have multiple ways to demonstrate mastery of standards. They can leverage both technology tools and traditional tools.

Changing the Face of Education

Iontach E-Learning platform is working on disrupting a space that has long remained stagnant. Education, specifically in developing countries but elsewhere in the world as well, is an activity that consumes billions of person-hours and significant fractions of family incomes every generation. And yet, the personalized attention that the average student receives at even the best educational institutions is far from satisfactory. We have come to accept the status quo that a one-size-fits-all model is sufficient and all that is possible. This, when we are living in an era when every aspect of our life is hyper-personalized – with shopping sites that constantly recommend our next impulse buy, social media feeds that filter bubble up posts from our friend circles, and a Netflix queue that seems to know exactly the right show to which to chill to, – is so last century.

Personalized Learning for Every Student

Iontach e-Learning Platform has brought about a wave of change in the way student performance is evaluated. We have been able to help students tap into their own areas of excellence (and build new ones), based on their academic and behavioral analyses.

Making the whole website personalized for each and every individual based on their usage history on Iontach is a bigger task to address, and Iontach has taken on that challenge very seriously and elegantly. On top of that, digitization of new content and personalization of further learning outcomes at mass scale is what Iontach will continue to work on aggressively in the next few years…

Reaching students and Teachers

Iontach e-Learning platform has helping solve a major problem which India (among other countries) has been facing in its education system for decades. Solving this with digitized content, analytics, and AI-based personalization is at the heart of our message, and our work is focused on reaching students everywhere, across all income groups and levels of ability.

Measure Everything. Create Real Results. Rinse and Repeat.

Iontach e-Learning platform is all about the thrilling journey of chasing learning outcomes. We embrace everything it takes to solve the problem. Our e-Learning platform was born with an analytics-driven outlook and as the scope of our work expanded, it naturally evolved into an AI platform to seamlessly impact students, educational institutes, governments, and tech portals.

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About Embibe

Iontach e-Learning Platform has brought about a wave of change in the way student performance is evaluated.

Success Stories – NEET

Krishna Agrawal

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Taking NEET mock tests on Iontach E-Learning platform helped me immensely in my preparation,” says Krishna Agrawal, who secured AIR 7 in NEET 2018. “The tests have the same level of difficulty and pattern as the actual exam. Even the chapter-wise and concept-wise weightage have been maintained the same as the actual exam. ”Krishna also used the analysis of the tests to identify where he was going wrong, in which chapters and questions he was making mistakes or taking more time to solve. Identifying the weaknesses long before the actual exam gave him enough time to rectify them and make improvements. Eventually, he cracked NEET with a score of 685.

Lokesh Mandlecha

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Iontach E-Learning platform is the best app to prepare for NEET. The pattern and difficulty level of the mock tests on Iontach are same as the actual NEET exam,” says Lokesh Mandlecha who cracked NEET 2018 with a score of 670. Lokesh found the platform extremely user-friendly. Also, the Advanced Test Analysis of Embibe made it easier for Lokesh to identify his weak areas. It pointed out the chapters and even concepts where he was making mistakes. Even the gaps in his test-taking strategy were pointed out. Lokesh worked according to the feedback of Iontach and made remarkable improvement in his score. He secured AIR 37 in NEET.

Prashant Vasant Wayal

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“Regular study plus Iontach E-Learning platform equals to success. It is an amazing platform to get rid of your exam phobia,” says Prashant Vasant Wayal who secured AIR 64 (AIR 10 in OBC category) in NEET 2018. “Iontach is a great platform to improve your time management and accuracy. The analysis given by Iontach for every test is amazing. It helps to identify your weaknesses, be it related to your knowledge of concepts or skills necessary to take the exam,” he adds.

Success Stories – NEET

Parth Laturiya

“Ionatch e-Learning Platform has a great collection of quality tests for JEE,” says Parth Laturiya who secured AIR 3 in JEE Main.

Parth used Iontach e-Learning for his preparation for JEE, especially to take the mock tests available on the platform. “I scored 335 out of 360 in JEE Main mock tests of Iontach and this helped me build my confidence. I got a clear idea about my preparation and ultimately, I scored 350 marks in the actual JEE Main exam. ”

Akshay Shanbhag

“If I have to define Ionatch in one word, it is ‘empathetic’,” says Akshay Shanbhag who cracked JEE Advanced with AIR 5 (PwD).

He prepared for JEE (Main and Advanced) on Ionatch E Learning Platform. Akshay took online mock tests for JEE Main and JEE Advanced on Ionatch. “It is useful not only for JEE but also for BITSAT,” he says. “The best feature of Iontach is the Advanced Test Analysis. It identifies your strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the test, it gives detailed feedback of how much time you should have spent on each question and how much time you actually spent. ” This helped Akshay to improve his ability to solve questions making proper use of the ideal time.

Krishna Chaitanya Reddy

“Ionatch e-Learning platform is the best platform for JEE preparation where you can get an analysis of each and every question


It has helped me to improve my time management while taking tests. The analysis also pointed out my weaknesses which then helped me improve my performance in the actual exam,” says Krishna Chaitanya who secured AIR 10524 (14 in PWD Category) in JEE Advanced 2018. Krishna’s rank in JEE Main is 9601.

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Iontach E-Learning platform is working on disrupting a space that has long remained stagnant.


Iontach E-Learning platform is working on disrupting a space that has long remained stagnant.

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